About Me

I was born on January 14th, 1999 in Tuckahoe, New Jersey, United States. I had an amazing childhood and grew up in a loving family of four. I was always into sports such as Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball as a kid and as I came to be a young teen my love for Football propelled. I had been playing since 3rd grade. However, entering into freshman year of high school I decided to quit football because I thought I wasn't big, heavy, or strong enough to play. I was always known to be super speedy and fast, however, I was super skinny and I felt that I was left behind in terms of development compared to my peers. It wasn’t until two years later that my cousin suggested I start lifting weights. A couple of buddies and I would go to the gym after school, but among them I was easily the weakest (barely able to even lift the bar on bench press). However, with great encouragement and support from my cousin and friends I continued to lift weights and after a few months I could see some noticeable progress and I began to fall in love with weight training. 


The moment everything changed for me was when I looked at myself in the mirror after having lifted for a few months and compared myself to a picture I took after the first time I worked out. It was truly a revelation. I had some nice muscles! Of course, I wasn’t shredded or anywhere near where I am today, but it felt so good to see all that hard work I put in to finally pay off. From then on, I have been training since. I even went out for the football team Junior year of high school and landed a starting position, my fear and worries had practically vanished.


I tell you this story for two reasons, 1 motivation, but 2 and more importantly what I believe to be the reason/reasons why so many people avoid lifting weights and gaining muscle. The lack of instant gratification or instant noticeable progress associated with lifting is a killer to success in the gym. Furthermore, the lack of accountability is also a huge factor. For me, I had my cousin who at the time was prepping to compete in his first bodybuilding competition. With his support and knowledge, I was able to stick with my workout and eating routines. To gain weight for football senior year of high school I was eating 4200 calories every day! With that said, having someone to turn to with questions, concerns, or just to vent to about all things training… makes the whole process much more fun and achievable. 


From my experiences with weight training, I decided that I wanted to help others who are in my shoes now. That’s why I promote fitness and share my knowledge online to others. Having a coach is super undervalued, but such an important key to success in building muscle or shredding excess pounds. 


I am thrilled to have shared this story with you and hope that you were able to gain some value and perhaps some motivation too!


-Zach Wade